Hi Guys
does anyone know what would happen if I changed a 21 capacity carousel to a 30 capacity carousel in the SETP parameters?

would the control have a hissy fit, and just alarm out, or would something more expensive happen?

there are many older Fadals where I work, some of them have Renishaw probes installed, but are electrically de-activated. I would like to get one re-activated. All the hardware and wiring is in place, but I cannot figure how to restore the power. [I am not electrically savvy, and will not be groping around in the back.] Is there something simple like a switch, or fuse in there? [probably not. too easy]

if I can get the probe active, I would want to call it T30 H99 D99 and remove it from the carousel when not in use, hence the first question. I'm sure something like this was done in a company I worked for aboot 25 years ago, but the memory is fading.

Thank you in advance for any information regarding the above

Kind regards