Hello Folks, A couple of weeks ago, I've had some issues with my tool turret not lining up with my spindle. When the turret would come out it would be off by about .125". Then it progressively got worse. I had a couple of tool drops because of this alignment problem. The tool carousel would just slam into the spindle because the tool slot was not lining up.

I tried loosening the platter and realigning it with the spindle. It would work temporarily, but, the problem would reappear. Naturally, this happens when you have a hot job Fortunately, I was able to finish the job and I dug in to find out the cause.

I decided to take apart the carousel. My initial suspicion was the geneva setup. But, it was something entirely different. I removed the tool carousel and the turret motor and saw the geneva gear was in good shape. But, when I went to move the geneva wheel to remove the bolts, things got interesting. I couldn't spin the wheel.

I removed the Belville washers and such, but the geneva wheel shaft still would not spin. I actually had to tap it out with a dead blow hammer. There are two needle bearings and four thrust bearings in this setup and it turns out that the bottom bearing was frozen. Fortunately, the shaft damage was fixable. I don't know how that motor could have turned the turret in this condition, but, it did.

Anyway, I ordered all new bearings (about $50,00 at FadalCnc), installed them, and put everything back in place and all things are working. It makes the tool changes so smooth now

The hardest part of the job was the tool platter. It's not that heavy, but, it is awkward. I finally used two lengths of all thread to help me guide it in place.

I wanted to post this after searching for tool changer alignment problems and finding that there were none that focussed on a mechanical solution, like a $14 bearing

Hope this helps someone and Happy New Year