I have a problem on my Fadal TRM spindle load...shows a load at lower RPMs without any actual load. Mine shows a varying high load under 1k RPM, than above 1k drops to under 30% load...all with no load.

Background: I had the spindle brake relay on the circuit board die during a heavy load. I replaced the relay(soldered to the circuit board, k20? I forget). Now the Glentek spindle drive shows a "C" clamped code. I sent the drive in for refurbishment, and still shows clamped. Also I sent the spindle control board in and it checked out ok. I have no issues running production with spindle speeds above 1k RPM, but really want to correct this clamped condition and re-calibrate the load meter. My TRM does not have an encoder on the spindle motor.

Any thoughts or suggestions on repair this issue?