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    Oct 2020

    Post Fadal VMC 4020

    I am in need of some help and was sent here. I am trying to
    get the parameters for my machine Fadal VMC 4020 and have had no luck so far. I was hoping someone might have the same machine and be willing so send me the parameters for this machine.
    Model number- vmc4020
    Controller-Fanuc 18i

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    Re: Fadal VMC 4020

    me too

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    Re: Fadal VMC 4020

    ...you can try calling these guys. They were one the original owners of Fadal

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    Oct 2020

    Re: Fadal VMC 4020

    I'll see what I can dig up for you guys. I know we have them on file somewhere. I know our service tech will know where they are, so if I can't find them, I'll ask him when get in later today.

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