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    FADAL VMC Controller Upgrade

    I have been doing some looking around at the Fadal VMC Controller upgrades. I know and have read about the Calmotion upgrade and the Fadal NXGEN upgrade. In looking around I found another one that is very interesting. What I have found out is that the one company had a branch in Houston, TX but is no longer there. Here is the article on the Upgrade. There was a post about it on the Zone in 2017 but no others. The hardware comes out of Germany but looks to be a pretty cool package. Not sure what the cost is but very interesting to read about the hardware and how the software works. Here is the link to the article. I have also attached a link to the hardware/software brochure on the controller upgrade. Without knowing the cost of this product and support, so far Calmotion seems to be the best choice. Just thought I would share to see what others on here might know.



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    Re: FADAL VMC Controller Upgrade

    That control was never completed i believe as far as i know. I watched the company try to get it work on a Fadal at a Fadal rebuild center for years and never fully saw it finished or fully running very buggy that was about 2-3 years ago. And the Calmotion is the only one that has had any real success. (probably because the owner of Calmotion "G" wrote and worked on the original Fadal Logic operating system) and Calmotion can be installed with almost Zero modifications and installed in about 15-20 minutes max. Calmotion has probably 300-400 systems installed and running.

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