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    Fagor 800 T Error 99 M table

    Fagor 800T was working, then battery flat, now replaced, now won't move.
    Get error 99 Parity error M table..??
    Think that means codes missing or corrupted.
    I can display codes but have nothing to compare them to. ??
    I have read through manuals and this and other forums.....difficult to get details about actual codes.
    In the manual it says M41 is 0100 0001 which seems simple is is 41 in BCD.
    But then on another page it gives other codes for M41 with a long string of 1s and 0s for activating and deactivating the bits...
    I find it difficult to understand this coding or conversion.
    Is the user meant to build the M table from working out the codes manually and entering or is it possible to get a generic list in a file to download and only edit the ones that need changed.
    Is there a common or general list somewhere that would get the machine going again...???

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    Re: Fagor 800 T Error 99 M table

    We have a Fagor 800m with the parameters backed up in photos. I'm not sure how useful they will be to you but If you need them please let me know. and Yes i know i'm replying 9 months after your post

    Regards, Ned

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