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    Fail to Load #971

    Hey everybody just lookimg for some help. Our VF6 has had some issues loading our USB but it has always come back to life after a total machine restart down to shutting off the main power.

    Well today it decided not come back instead upon turning machine on a had a tool arm fault....very odd... Corrected that and tried to power up/restart...in the middle of the homing sequence i get an error code #971 failed to load.

    I think hmm..."That is strange never seen that"...i proceed to try and load my USB and of course as you would guess it does not take to the machine and reads in red "drivers not loaded"

    I went to the Google and found the whole thing about changing network settings and went and did all that still to arrive at the same spot.

    We called Haas and when they came out somehow it worked for that moment the Haas guy left and the machine was left for the night as 1st shift had ended for the day.

    When I came in the next day the machine had been powered down so I turned on and now we are back to the same "Failed to Load #971" again. We have tried to single out each form of driver USB/HARD-DRIVE/FLOPPY all to the same results.

    Haas originally thought it was a software issue and i personally feel the same but the new software upgrade is $20k.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or tips?

    We are currently running

    Ver. M14.03A
    MOCON#1 12.06
    2006 VF-6SS

    Thank you all in advance

    Ramlin CNC

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    Re: Fail to Load #971

    Hi GR3G.......... we've got the same alarm today........... did you ever find a fix for this?.....thanks in advance!

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