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    Well after a little over 3 years I have a way cover failure. Given the amount I use the machine that's probably not unreasonable. $37 each for replacements is pretty cheap as well. Still I wondered if somebody has something better

    Maybe an after market drop on telescoping metal cover.
    Bob La Londe

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    Threadexpress and others have posted possible alternatives. See and others. Please let us know of your success/failure!

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    hy if possible, consider shower coolant, so to keep the cabinet clean; target harmonic covers, sharp corners, those flat zones where chips stick, edge between door and cabinet etc, any location where chips tend to build up

    not needed to keep it runing all the time

    if you do it yourself, it may look nice and be less expensive then an option from your machine dealer

    i put such into lathes, for looong series, where mrr are high, so to protect covers and wipers; lately i extent to spindle area, tailstock and doors, thus keeping the cabinet clean; you may bifurcate your actual hosing sistem, or, if room available, use a secondary pump; i did all this after a failure, chips got blocked between wipers and cover, damaging a high profile cover, whoose shipment cost was >>> product cost; on later models, i saw that they redesigned that area, in order to prevent chips from gathering as easy as before / kindly

    ps : air will also work, only that it will increase shop noise level, and, even if big chips will be blown away, it will force tiny dust directly into narrow areas, increasing gaps, in time; this shouldn't be a problem if you detach covers and clean behind them, regulary, like once/year, but still, coolant is better; anyway, i guess you are familiar with such things

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    I tried to get one of the retrofit-way-cover makers interested ~5 years ago, but they thought the market was too small. It would be nice to have a heavier-duty option.

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    Is there nothing Cliff can't conquer?? I had just watched a video a week or so ago with a slightly bigger/$$ machine that had those metal ways covers....they looked easy to make. They were not double walled like Cliff's making it easier...probably not as good but a big step up from these material ones.

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