Hi all,
I have a very strange problem to face. I have servo amplifier A06B-6079-H204 whihc power Z and U axes. I recieved alarm code 400 U axes is overloaded and in diagnose screen ALD=1. This means that the amplifier is overheated. Fisrt of all the amplifier is cool and there is no alarm on its screen. The alarm is coming immediately with power ON. I thought that the problem was the servo amplifier and I changed it. Again I have the same alarm. I disconnect the amplifier completley and agian I have the same alarm OVL=1 and ALD=1. Without servo connected again ALD=1. I change the servo U with Z again ALD=1 I cahnged it with X amplifier again ALD-1. No cable on the PLC again ALD=1 on U axes always. Any idea how can I erase this false alarm?