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    Fanuc 0i-m problem

    I need help with a fanuc 0i-m.

    Parameters are missing, ladder seems intact but won't start.

    I have a PC with com port but can't upload or download. I think it's because it's stuck in mdi mode. Nothing happens when I turn the knob to edit mode. I guess because the ladder ain't running?

    I also have a CF card with fanuc adapter plugged in to the controller. I can upload to the card but not download to the machine in the menu (from the right arrow + key next to it on powerup menu).

    I have read instructions about changing parameter 20 to 4 to upload from memory card but only 0-2 is available on the machine.

    I have all parameters on file but can't upload them.

    Help needed!

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    Re: Fanuc 0i-m problem

    It wasn't an 0i-M but a 16M that I needed to manually input the settings for communication as well as the 9000 parameters. I'll never be sure why it refused to read RS232 until I entered the 9000 settings, but that's how I got it to work. It'll tell you to restart the machine several times after manually inputting some bits into the 9000 parameters, but I ignored those messages until I was finished inputting the several dozen bits my machine had in the 9000s. Then I powered off and was able to send the parameters to the machine as normal. I sent them a second time afterwards for good measure and loaded the rest of my backed up data.

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