We have here a quite old (from about 1993) Colchester CNC 350 with FANUC 0T & DUPLOMATIC 12 turret that has also live tool capability at it with the , Lathe has lost its parameters more than a year ago due to low batteries. I have found the standard setting parameters for 2 axis with the help of a member here and the machine machine works flawlessly since back then. The manual of the machine we have it doesn't have the builders parameter inside it, and upon to that, it's not describing the exact hardware of our machine, as this was a one off special order one as we learned! Builder has no data about it as they said due to been special order didn't kept them (?) or archived them!
Problem is that now the owner wants to run the live tool capability of it, and we have to find how to set it to work as a "third axis" (the machine before loosing its parameters was a 3axis one, with FANUC OT display showing also "C" axis, that it doesn't now).
Question is how I can set it to work with it? Hardware is
FANUC 0T controller
Turret: 12 tools Duplomatic BSV-160 - 12 -24 -110 -50
Live tool ODT-N16-270/0/20-RM
Live tool servo amplifier is a FANUC C series A06B-6066-H006 connected at A16B-2200-0360 Axes card M47
Anyone that can help me?