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Thread: Fanuc 0TD

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    Fanuc 0TD

    I have a CNC with a fanuc 0-TD controller. The X axis is not moving exactly to where it is commanded. If it is commanded to go to X0, Z0 , it only follows the command on the Z axis but falls short in the X axis. My parts have larger dimensions only in the X axis. Z axis dimensions are to scale. Workshift and work-offsets were set properly.Wear offsets are cleared to all zeros. Any fixes to this kind of problem?

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    Re: Fanuc 0TD

    99.99999% of the time a machine is going to do exactly what it is told to do. You don't give any history behind your story. Is this a brand new to you machine and this is your first run? Or has this machine been running fine on other jobs but not now on this one?

    I bet you messed up somewhere when setting tool or work offsets. Happens to all of us. Machines don't typically move randomly. They're not smart enough for that. They simply do what they're told to do. Nothing else.

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    Re: Fanuc 0TD

    When you zero the machine, does it show zero position?
    If not, you have a zero offset entered.
    If not, you most likely have a work offset command.
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    Re: Fanuc 0TD

    What machine do you have?
    How are you measuring your offsets?
    Check what Al said as maybe an offset in your worksheet page

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