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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Fanuc 0TD Phase sequence - if I get it wrong what happens?
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    Fanuc 0TD Phase sequence - if I get it wrong what happens?

    Hi I have a new lathe Fanuc 0-TD controller. As title suggests, if I flick the on switch and the phase sequence is wrong could I destroy the machine?

    I was going to turn on the mains power briefly, check the coolant pump rotation, and reverse if need be.

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    Re: Fanuc 0TD Phase sequence - if I get it wrong what happens?

    Normally the machine will not power up if the phase rotation is wrong, until corrected.
    But IIRC the 0 controller itself does not require correct phase rotation as the earlier systems do.
    Only the 3ph motors external to the system.
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