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    fanuc 10m drip feed

    I read a lot about it but I can't figure out how to do that.

    I have all 0 in 2001 parameters.
    Also I dont have G003.4 bit in ladder board . Also no bit in GOO3 when I try to switch in modes.

    Is it any way to work in rapid feed?
    I have rs232 port and can send to memory but its really small for big programs. I hope u can help me guys

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    Re: fanuc 10m drip feed

    Any ideas ?
    by it is possible from computer or something?
    i tried everything to find that G003.4 but but i can like it istn exist,
    is it mean that i cant do nothing ?

    I have really low memory, i think because of parameters too, any idea?

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    Re: fanuc 10m drip feed

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    Re: fanuc 10m drip feed

    i sow that i need man who can really know what going on.
    Does someone know if i can buy tape reader unit and install it to my machine ?

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