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    Fanuc 11M has no startup


    We have an old Mori Seiki MV35/40 CNC machine with Fanuc 11M controller used in our Mechanical Engineering department. It has worked great for years and years but last week when I tried to start it the controller was completely dead. No screen action, no panel lights, no sound of interlocks or hydraulics....nothing. I checked all the power supplies and they look good (all voltages read good) and the Master Board shows an "all good" green LED but still nothing. I've unplugged all connectors for cleaning and re-seated them but still no startup? I was wondering if this could be due to a fault in the ESP (emergency stop) or one of the interlocks? I have read that this could also be due to a fault in memory and that I could do a master reset but the parameters would then need to be reprogrammed and these were never recorded while the machine was operational...sigh. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this machine is our workhorse for the department.

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    Re: Fanuc 11M has no startup

    Whats the part number of the master board

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    Re: Fanuc 11M has no startup

    I would look at the display section, since the master board does not give any problem indication.

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