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    Fanuc 11M "No signal" Can't power up

    Hello everyone!

    Our shop has a Mori Seiki with Fanuc 11M control. When this machine first went down, there was an issue with a power supply that was causing an alarm led on the input unit. Once that was sorted out (the input unit showed a green led, and the relays were working) the mill wouldn't power on. Preventing a power up is master pcb (7-segment led) code "A".
    Main PCB - A16B-1010-0050

    This code looks like it's caused by an optical cable issue, or something preventing the optical signal from being sent/received . I've replaced the graphics board (A20B-1000-0850), the power supply behind the console screen (A20B-1001-0160) to no avail.

    As of now, when I attempt a start, the screen (we swapped out the old CRT display with an LCD option) flickers, then says "no signal". The LEDS on the operator's console below the screen remain off (however early on troubleshooting this problem I do recall them being intermittent). I've checked the DC from both power supplies and all voltages are good. There does not seem to be a short causing this error.
    I've checked the optical cables by using my cell phone's camera, and I can see there is a reddish light coming through the cable, and the same light emanating from the "ORTO1" connectors on the main PCB and graphics unit. So, to me it looks like the cable is passing the light alright.

    On the graphics board (0850) there is a green led and a red led at the bottom. Green is labeled "CR" and red is labeled "ERR". when I try to start, the green led comes on for a second, then goes out. Red remains off.

    In the electrical cabinet, everything looks (to me, new at this) to be working. No fuses blown, and I don't see any breakers that have been tripped.

    I think my next attempt will be to remove the panel below the screen to check for any wires that may have broken free.
    I have attached a few shots of our machine, with a couple short videos of whats happening.


    Any help you fine people could send my way would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Fanuc 11M "No signal" Can't power up

    I'm having the same issue with my 11M control, were you able to resolve this somehow?

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