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    Fanuc 11t RS232 send/receive

    Hello again fellas.

    I am trying to get the rs232 setup on the SNK weve been fooling with for the last few weeks. (I say fooling because no one here has any experience with older style machines lol)

    So i think i have my com port setup correctly, though im not sure if the com it shows in the list is actually connected to the machine (meaning i dont know if the cable is actually making the connection)

    But the com settings i found online were 4800 baud, 7 data 2 stop even parity and software flow. So all that matches in both the device manager and inside predator DNC.

    Now for the life of me, I can not figure out how to put the fanuc in send/receive mode. I have tried a few different things but it seems like no matter what I cannot get the LSK light to start blinking, which from what I have read, signifies the machine is ready/waiting for data.

    Can anyone give me the basic run/down on how to send and receive from the pc to the fanuc 10/11 controls. maybe the basic overview will point me in the correct direction and I can ask some more pointed questions. at this point, im somewhat lost.

    (ps) i have not actually check the settings on the machine. I see lots of sites saying to change/check certain "bits" but I have not been into that portion of the control yet. If this is something I need to do first then please let me know and I will see if I can make that happen.

    a couple of sites I have used for reference.

    CNC DNC Settings for Fanuc OM

    PSSPlease forgive me... im from the thumb drive/ethernet generation haha.

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    Re: Fanuc 11t RS232 send/receive

    We were able to get it all workin. (Well mostly my shop head and my it guy) the cable was re-pinned, the baud rates all had to be adjusted, and the buffer over flow alarm forced us to put quite a bit of delay into predator, but at the end of the day, we are able to send and receive code. It was a good day!

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    Re: Fanuc 11t RS232 send/receive

    You may be able to reduce the delay in Predator if you set your FIFO buffers all the way down and disable them.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Disabling Fifo Buffers to solve RS232 connection issues.pdf  

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    Re: Fanuc 11t RS232 send/receive

    Good to know.. Thanks

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    Hi ,
    I am new in CNC World , i have the same issues (buffers overs flows ) with m'y machine lieder 1000 om , i make a deep search for this problems and i have tried all the solution i saw ( i diminuate the baud rate even to 75 , also increased the Time between sent ..i even changed the software) but i still have the same alarm .
    I really appreciate your help .

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    Re: Fanuc 11t RS232 send/receive

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