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    FANUC 16-W Robocut Reference Return After Servo Drive Replacement

    I am new to the EDM world and am being trained by a retiree that has limited knowledge of the EDM being ran.

    We turned on the machine this morning with X/Y Servo issues. After replacing the drive with a used one, an alarm for battery replacement was displayed. We left the machine on and changed out batteries. He was attempting to run (small nested parts in .031 flat stock) from the machine's previous location without referencing any return points, and was receiving alarm #048 "A move command was specified, without first performing a reference point return."

    When attempting to perform a Z return we receive alarm #062 "Table is at incorrect hold pt. return position when restart was pressed."

    I assumed we would need to cut the wire, return Z axis, followed by X&Y to remedy the referencing issue, but the old timer doesn't know if that is the correct procedure to follow...

    Any input is much appreciated.


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    Re: FANUC 16-W Robocut Reference Return After Servo Drive Replacement

    After replacing the drive U should perform reference. (Set initial bits for servos, and restart, and move to reference points with REF mode on)
    After that U should also set U and V to vertical. I have no Z axis so i'm not sure why it is not moving, but quite probably it is not ment to move while cutting so machine wants U to set Z before G92, and not to change it's position after cut start.

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