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Thread: fanuc 18T

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    fanuc 18T

    the measure soft key don't work, say I was indicating a drill and key in X0 measure it sets the geometry to 0 and not the real number, it has a the input C soft key, this is on a deawoo puma 200 with fanuc 18T, ive ran a lot of pumas and the measure soft key always worked. some old hardinge guy who no longer works here got his fingers in the parameters trying to make it act like a hardinge old school crap, he didn't even use the tool eye? , also reset don't dump the offset? any help would be great

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    Re: fanuc 18T

    Try this . Key in X0 then press the Position Record Button Then Press the Measure soft key

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    Re: fanuc 18T

    There are several parameters that affect how reset works with offset. I might suggest looking at a machine that works the way you want and compare those
    Parameters using a parameters manual.
    Example 1202.3 is whether reset clears local cords. system. 5003.6 tool offset value is cleared or not. etc.
    There are a few that could affect operation.

    There are parameters for measure as well.

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    Re: fanuc 18T

    Yep the button worked, and I did find the parameters I needed to change, everything works as it should. thanks for the help!

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