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    fanuc 18T-C dark screen

    Hello ,

    i just got a Victor V turn II-26 with Fanuc 18 T-C control on it

    i am struggling to see the screen clearly , i know i can change the contrast on a other machine that is equipped with 21i control but it does not work on this one .

    i already looked under the offset/settings tab under the Handy settings screen and read trough the parameters but i can not find any way to change the display .

    i also opened up the operator panel to see if there are set screws on the inside but found nothing .

    the machine is equipped with the LCD screen and not the CRT screen .

    also if possible i would like to change to a white background but i don't know if this control can do that and how i would need to do it .

    would somebody know how to change this ?

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    Re: fanuc 18T-C dark screen

    Those screens have back lights that get old and start going dim. They are replaceable. Never priced any out and would afraid of what Fanuc wants for them. There may be something aftermarket that will work but you'll need to be a little versed in electronics repair to pull it off I bet. There is a little information about them in Fanuc some Maintenance Manuals. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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