I warmly welcome.
I have a problem with restoring data in the Fanuc 32i driver on Windows CE (CTX lathe) from a CF card. The system crashed due to a failure of the 3V battery backup system. The fault was corrected and the machine data set obtained from the lathe manufacturer. After starting, Windows CE loads, and then a window appears about the lack of communication with the CNC. You need to restore your data. After starting with two keys held down (according to the procedure), windows also starts, a window opens - as I remember correctly - waiting for the CNC, and a small "u" ??on the Fanuc LED segment display. I understand that it is waiting for a backup, but it does not see the 128MB CF card inserted on the PCMCIA adapter. The card was previously formatted to FAT16. Somewhere there is a problem, I am doing something wrong with either the procedure or something else and I don't really know what. Once, a long time ago, I set up such a system, but I just don't remember. The routines I find indicate that when I hold down two keys while booting, they immediately bring up a list of options to choose from. WinCE starts for me. Maybe because he doesn't see this card?
If anyone can help, please give me tips.