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    Fanuc 5M parameter tape??

    Hello all,
    I have a apotential Sword of Damocles hanging over one of my machines. It is a Hitchi seiki minimatic 500 with a Fanuc 5M control.
    I have religeously replaced the batteries on the memory over the years, and all has gone well so far. But, I can no longer find the parameter loading tape for this machine. I have all of the parameters written down and recorded.
    According to myth, the first set of 3 to six parameters can only be loaded by a convoluted tape ritual.
    A couple of questions. I am using a refresh your memory setup on the tape reader port for inputting code anyway. could this be used to input the parameter data? ( I would need to know the data format to write the code to simulate the tape.)
    Or is there a manual way to input this data without the need for the tape reader and small animal sacrifice??
    any help would be most appreciated!
    thank you,

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    fanuc 5t format parameter tape

    These images may help with format parameters
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails fanuc5t procedure GERMAN11.jpg   fanuc5t procedure GERMAN12.jpg   fanuc5t procedure GERMAN13.jpg  

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    Smile 5m cmos perameter format

    Thank you!
    My sister speaks german, and I can decipher quite a bit as well. This should help me code a work around.
    all the best!

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    Do you have the first paper tape of the program to initialize? This initial paper tape preparation system that could be put parameters (see under Section E and F).

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    I have the same problem - I have a Howa lathe with Fanuc 5T controller and cannot get the first 3 parameters in.

    I do not have the "magic" tape but will try with a file containing the code shown in the pages in this thread sent via a tape converter (like a BTR box). But, I cannot read the pages very well - the B and the 8 look similar, so should the first part of the tape read 2B85%80%%0806, or 2885%...

    Also, is it possible to have the whole set of parameters (about 30-40) on a tape in this format ?


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    solve the problems to enter parameter

    We solve this problem. We made a programmer for the 6508 RAM memory and an small adapter pcb for the memory with lithium batteries. If you have free RAM memory chip and a table of parameters we can to help .Send me your e-mail to send you a picture in better resolution

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    Re: fanuc 5t format parameter tape

    Do you have an English version of this document?

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