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    Fanuc 6T (B) DNC Help!

    We recently brought in a Mori Seiki with Fanuc 6T. Once hooked up, it all seems to be working as it should, except when trying to punch and read programs from our PC.

    The machine has an RS232C port under the tape reader. We have tried different sorts of settings/parameters and baud rates from both the machine and the pc (based on online sources), but nothing comes through to the PC (PC works fine with other Fanuc machines). The machine goes through the motions when punching and reading (EDIT flashes next to LSK), but the PC doesn't pick anything up. In my experience, even if the settings don't align we should be receiving at least gibberish from the machine. I tried doing it without the RS232 connected and I get a "086 RS232C" Alarm, which is telling me that the machine at least knows when something is connected (or not connected).

    Has anyone had any sort of experience dealing with this? I'm not exactly sure what to try next, any recommendations on what I should look at?
    Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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    Re: Fanuc 6T (B) DNC Help!

    I suppose the TX wire or pin is broken or not connected. The machine cannot detect this problem, but data does not appear on your computer.
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    Re: Fanuc 6T (B) DNC Help!

    you can set in place of the bubble memory a sram card witch alowed 1280 meters of memory ans it is not very expansive

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