Hello, we've recently fired up a 1995 Fanuc Robocut A-0B, having just replaced an older Japax. This is our first Fanuc EDM, and though we've got it cutting, it has some minor misbehavior.

Specifically, attempting a G53 X-3.4 Y-4.2; move, the controller begins a U/V move instead and then throws an alarm #232 "Machine entered invalid area specified by stored stroke limit-1 while moving along U-axis in positive direction."

Thing is, we were not making a U-axis move.

I am not certain if this has something to do with the fact that the previously run G28 reference point return was not run for axes U and V. We stored new machine zero data but did not include these axes in the G28 because doing so created the same error. Performing G28 with X and Y only worked just fine.

We did purchase a complete set of manuals, but this error is not addressed.

Totally new to Fanuc CNC... any guidance is greatly appreciated.