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    Fanuc FOCAS Library


    I'm writing a program in vb.net to collect data from Fanuc Robocut EDMs. I'm can successfully establish communication with the machine and get some data but I'm struggling with a few things.

    Alarm messages
    Wirebreak status
    Cutting Conditions
    Cutting Times
    Program Length and cut length
    Current and Voltage

    What functions should I be using to get the above info?

    I've tried a few things with the following functions for alarm messages but I've had no luck so far except for getting the alarm number of the main alarm:


    It's very possible that I'm not using them correctly!

    I'd appreciate any help anyone could offer.


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    Re: Fanuc FOCAS Library

    How to get Fanuc FOCAS API Library ?

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    Re: Fanuc FOCAS Library

    Quote Originally Posted by yb2007 View Post
    How to get Fanuc FOCAS API Library ?
    You need to contact your Fanuc rep and they will send you the libraries.

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    Re: Fanuc FOCAS Library

    Is Fanuc FOCAS2 Library Is Costly Or PriceLess

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    Re: Fanuc FOCAS Library

    Hey folks,

    I know this is a little late, but I am working on putting together a Focas programming tutorial. I only have the first two parts done, but I am planning on expanding it. If anyone is looking to learn to program using the Fanuc Focas API, you can check it out here https://hierthinking.com/2020/04/25/...e-to-focas-p1/

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    Re: Fanuc FOCAS Library

    Quote Originally Posted by bahadurkoya View Post
    Is Fanuc FOCAS2 Library Is Costly Or PriceLess
    Until last year it was pretty cheap...about 15 USD. But now I understand they have made it more expensive and they also for a end user agreement to be signed and stuff like that. Fanuc decided to make money out of Focas as everyone was milking such features and only Fanuc was giving it free on the machine and the libraries cost less.

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