Hello fellas,

I am in possession of fully operating Fanuc AC servo motors, and matching drivers for sale.

All equipment is 100% in excellent working condition, as we decominished large pallet machine and I purchased this from my employee. As it turns out, parts are way to powerful for my new build, and I am willing to change it for a smaller machine, or for money.

If anyone is interested, I would like to sell it in the whole batch.

All the ball screw and linear rails are also for sale. Over all length is 1700mm and they are also in very good condition.

I can send more detailed pictures on email or in private message.

I do not want to sell controller alone.

A06B-0239-B201 - IS 12/4000 HV x2
A06B-0273-B201 - IS 40/4000 HV x3
A06B-0266-B501 - IS 22/4000 HV x1
A06B-1509-B153 - IL 17/7000 HV x1


A06B-6120-H045 Fanuc Alpha iPS 45HV 400V x1
ALPHA i SPINDLE MODULE MDL SPM-30i - A06B-6111-H030#H550 x1
A06B-6124-H209 x2
A06B-6124-H208 x1
Control Board:
Attachment 486298
Series 18/-MB x1