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    Jun 2022

    Fanuc O-T not ready on startup

    Hey guys just got this topper lathe plugged in for the first time.
    I have this popping up, can’t find anything in the book.
    Any suggestions ?
    Lathe is stuck on this screen on power up.

    Servo: 9046-09
    Pmc : c302 - F5
    Fanuc copyright 1988-1995
    Not ready

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    Re: Fanuc O-T not ready on startup

    Press the "POSITION" key and than display the alarm
    i think it is related to emergency stop,button or limit switches for the axis travel

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    Aug 2007

    Re: Fanuc O-T not ready on startup

    Look into wiring diaram on X21.4 signal and you will find out what can cause this alarm.
    Along with emg button and limit switches this can be air pressure switch
    As a rule, there is a button "overtravel release" to interlock limit switches

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    Mar 2020

    Re: Fanuc O-T not ready on startup

    My cnc lathe fanuc OT got problem with monitor when start up machine hydraulic is OK but no display. When the problem started every time I start up the machine the four fuses in the power unit blow out, I replaced the power unit with a second hand one tested OK, fuses no more blow up but the problem still no fixed no display.
    Would you please help.

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