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    Fanuc OI-Mate-TB Error 9027

    Hi Guys,
    I bought myself a Used lathe with the Fanuc OI Mate TB.
    It displays the error 9027 Position Coder Disconnected.
    The previous owner had the same issue and already tried to fix it.
    He replaced the SVSP and the Position coder encoder, including the encoder cable.

    I like to go through the repair methodically and know that it could be the Position coder/ cable or the servo encoder/cable.
    I have a couple questions and hope you can help me answering them.
    1. is the Position Coder A860-0309-T302 compatible with the SVSP A06B-6134-H201?
    2. The cable of this encoder has only 15 pins on the SVSM side. is this correct?
    3. How I can check that the Servo Encoder is gone bad?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Fanuc OI-Mate-TB Error 9027

    Do you have it all the time or is it intermittent? I would go to the spindle monitor page and spindle the spindle by hand and see if you see feedback for the spindle motor and the spindle.
    Make sure you are plugged into connector JYA3 on the spindle amplifier
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    Thank you for coming back to me.
    The error comes up during start up every time.

    I went to the Spindle monitoring page and spun the spindle
    It shows the same rpm for motor and spindle speed.
    But it seems that the refresh rate of the spindle encoder is quite a bit slower. when I spinn the spindle fast the motor speed follows and the spindle encoder takes a second to catch up.
    Is this a normal behavior?

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    Re: Fanuc OI-Mate-TB Error 9027

    Maybe OK. Do you have the parameter file that you can post?

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    I am sorry for the late reply.
    We could identify the issue.
    The shield of the Position Coder cable wasn’t grounded.
    I grounded it and the error was gone.
    Seems that the previous owner didn’t check this.

    This was much easier than I thought.

    Thank you again for your help.

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