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    Question Fanuc Oi-MF ATC Macro help

    Hey legends,

    I've accidentally deleted the contents of //CNC_MEM/MTB1 and //CNC_MEM/MTB2 on my Chinese VMC650 ( i believe its a Doosan copy?) with Fanuc Oi-MF control
    Now every time I call up a tool change I get errors and alarms

    Would anyone here possibly have the files required so i can put them back into the folder?
    Attached are some images of the ATC and machine for reference.

    I have searched the forum and found a few posts about similar issues but most are related to parameter settings or unknown causes of ATC functionality issues.

    Thanks in advance.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20220615_092050.jpg   20220615_092120.jpg   20220615_104533.jpg   20220615_104547.jpg  

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    Re: Fanuc Oi-MF ATC Macro help

    So far ive managed to try some macro codes ive found on here.
    Both of these result in the same thing
    stored in MTB1 as O9001
    Both move the Z to the correct tool change height for the arm to engage the tool
    The drum moves to the correct tool number in the change position
    then the code hangs and does nothing, the arm doesn't move, the pneumatic tool retainer doesn't disengage.

    Below are the macros I've tried, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    O9001 ;
    #149 =#4003 ;
    G00 G40 M9 ;
    G91 G30 Z0 M19 ;
    M06 ;
    G#149 ;
    M99 ;

    O9001 ;
    G80 ;
    M9 ;
    G91G30Z0M5 ;
    G30X0Y0M15 ;
    T#4320M6 ;
    G53 ;
    G90G0G43G54Z[24.99-[#[2000+#4120]+#[2200+#4120]]]H#4120 ;
    G53 ;
    M99 ;

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    Re: Fanuc Oi-MF ATC Macro help

    look in the manual
    maybe you have an M code for lowering the pot from magazine before reading the M6 command that will move the arm and change the tool and also an Mcode for put back the pot in magazine
    Should be in the book as command:POT UP/ POT DOWN

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    Re: Fanuc Oi-MF ATC Macro help

    Try this. It works on both my OM and 18M machines. Will likely work on yours too. Much of this is likely redundant, but it won't hurt anything or slow things down enough to notice.

    O9001 (M6 TOOL CHANGE)


    Another idea... when you use the tool change programs that were listed in post #2 above, when it hangs, what do you see in the buffer area on your screen? Is it waiting for a FIN signal?

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    Re: Fanuc Oi-MF ATC Macro help

    I got this sorted out, the OEM came through with the macro, ill post it here tomorrow in
    case anyone else needs it in the future.

    Thanks gents.

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    Re: Fanuc Oi-MF ATC Macro help

    Can you share macros that were placed on your machine since I had the same problem? Please

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