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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Fanuc om-c ladder diagram ( trying to get DNC )
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    Fanuc om-c ladder diagram ( trying to get DNC )

    I have a mill with fanuc om-c . I would like to activate the DNC function . The machine dose not have a tape mode switch or any switches in the cabinet to activate it . There dose not appear to be a G127.5 on the ladder

    but I have 4 reserved M codes and one has a 1275 associated with it .

    Can someone with some ladder knowledge tell me if this can be used to turn on dnc or is the 1275 just a coincidence just to send me down a rabbit hole ?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 8DC58174-A85C-40E2-BB13-2690FEFBD2E1.jpg   8DD21C0E-DC19-42E9-A46A-3D17AC9A4695.jpg  

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    Re: Fanuc om-c ladder diagram ( trying to get DNC )

    you are wrong
    that numbers where is also 1275 are the net numbers where that Y adress is used so you can follow easy on the diagram,has non to DNC
    As far as i know if there is not G127.5 in the ladder ,you have to create it and use a diagnose bit number or an M code to enable it.
    Good luck

    PS:and if you are the guy who made the photos ,that is not the way we share info here,hiding from who,or what is that to be hidden?
    Are equations from NASA space ships?

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