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    fanuc om help

    IN hurry late other night, had batteries for memory backup sitting at machine for a couple of weeks
    Decided to take care of before I wrap up and didn't pay close attention to battery install
    tried to turn machine on a couple days later and nothing except tiny faint random letters on screen
    immediately checked batteries and notice install was wrong
    Checked normal install voltage (+4.5) checked voltage with my wrong install(-1.5)
    Surely not Idiot to do this
    Is there a diode to protect boards or did I really screw up
    Machine is a makino rmc 55

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    Re: fanuc om help

    Memory data is gone for sure. Hard to say if you messed up anything else. How does the display look if you have the batteries out completely? If it is Also, Is this a A. B, C. or D? Not sure if that will matter.

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