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    Fanuc OM PMC EPROM Memory failed

    I have big Problems with the PMC memory of my OKK PCV40. It is a Fanuc OM controller with its own PMC M module, on which the second Eprom "OF2" is defective. When reading this Eprom revealed that he has no more data stored. Unfortunately, I do not have the EProm data - does anyone have this data for me? Or can I find somewhere in the documents (printed listings I have)?
    So there is 3500kg scrap, i can crying... :-(
    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Fanuc OM PMC EPROM Memory failed

    If you find a working machine like yours and with the same controller OM, you can copy the two eproms. The PMC program listing should be in the documantation of your machine. What does the machine manufacture says?

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    Re: Fanuc OM PMC EPROM Memory failed

    one of my customer have the same machine
    please give me the exact reference wrinten on the eprom for check .
    if it's the same , i can make you an offer .

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