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    FANUC Robocut Alarm #1002

    Currently getting alarm #1002 on our Fanuc Robocut Alpha - OC at the start of the program.

    Alarm calls out wire short, but we are not making any contact with any surface other than the lower guides.

    Any ideas what else may cause this alarm?


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    Re: FANUC Robocut Alarm #1002

    Check wire contact at the wire exit with the machine body or any other ground. Ejected wire should only contact the plastic bin. We learned this lesson this past weekend on our recently purchased 1995 A-0B.

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    Re: FANUC Robocut Alarm #1002

    The first thing that was checked was for accidentally contact coming into the plastic bin.. Nothing is visibly making contact that can be seen. I'll take a look to see if I am able to find any loose/bad grounds. TY.

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    Re: FANUC Robocut Alarm #1002

    Do U have any resistance meter?
    First check if there is in fact some finite resistance between wire and table. If there is u need to find, it if not, there is some problem with wires. Problem with wires is not out of question anyway. current for electrodes and table goes through concentric wires that's centre wires are connected to electrodes, and screen wires go to table.
    There can be low isolation in there. The wires endings (especially these going to lower arm) can have contact with water. I've just have replaced all wires with new, cause endings was oxidated badly.
    But first of all check all parts of cutting wire for contact with any metal part of machine.

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