The machine is:

2000 Robodrill t14iaL
16i-MA controller
3 axis

My current issues are as follows:

- When I power on sometimes it hangs on Graphic Ready screen, if I power cycle and restart it again it will boot up.

- When it boots the machine will sit for a short while fine, without touching it, it will then Alarm 410 (position err) on a seemingly random axis, if I hit the RESET button to clear the alarm it does clear, however shortly after it throws the same 410 but a different axis. I can continue resetting and clearing this a few times and it chooses random axis to fault each time. After that it will eventually (3-4 reset pushes) go to a 401 (VRDY OFF) for all three axis as well as says it needs to Zero Return (ZRN) all three axis. This creates a Start-Lock forcing me to power down. When I power back up its all clears, then repeats the same cycle.

-If I am manually moving an axis it will not fault the moving axis.

- When the 410 is active, the DRO position of the affected axis counts up until it flatlines at all 9's.

Extra info

- There are no chips or debris in the machine. Its clean. No obstructions.
- Power feeding the Main board is right at 24.08 vdc
- Main board was just replaced Due to a 940 system error.
- CPU board was just replaced. just to see if it changed. It did not.
- I've tried reseating all the boards and cables.
- I removed the Ethernet Data option board.
- I've tried CLEAR ALL MEMORY from IPL screen. Then re-flashing everything.
- I do have a spare Sram board. (haven't tried installing as it looks complicated)
- I do have a spare From board. (haven't tried installing as it looks complicated)
- I have a spare Servo board, but it's for 6 axis, I wasn't entirely sure if I had to change a bunch of
parameters just to test it. So I've held off on that.
- I have multiple data backups I've loaded both to try. On a Fanuc branded mem card.
- I have a couple of I/O spare modules. I swapped them just to see, no change.
- It's cold in my workspace.

Happy Holidays, and thanks for any and all advice.