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    Cool fanuc screen display function "freeze"

    Hi everybody, first I wish all to be safe and healthy. As the title states, on a CMS marble cnc, the control is done through a GE Fanuc Series 180i-M running
    1. windows 98 2. the software loaded is " cnc screen display function" . The whole machine was working well for many years. We replace the inverter on 2019 and for a year or more everything was ok. Now operating system loads normally the fanuc software starts but after some time, even without loading any parameters, hangs or freeze . When we close the software ( pressing alt+ F4 ) we gain manual control to the spindle . Any idea will be helpful . We have the ability to reinstall the software or the operating system, but before that is something we could check eg. some indication led on the motherboard? No error or alarm is noticed

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    Re: fanuc screen display function "freeze"

    Hi again. I would like to add some information and elaborate on "freeze" term I used above. After some inspection I noticed that the LED ( seven) at the back of the motherboard are, three green , which are on ( the HDD is flashing suppose is traffic) the four red are off. The communication with the inverter is done via the servo main controller and a RS232 to RS 422 converter. The activity led ( red) on this converter are off . About the "freeze" of the software I have noticed that if the soft keys are pressed ( with aid of the mouse) respond but only that. Normally with software running pressing ctrl+ F2 ( tools selection) or ctrl +F5 ( alarm display) should pop up a menu now nothing is done.==> Did anybody knows how to enter a diagnostic menu on this machine ( fanuc 180i-M controling an italian marble CMS made machine). I know it is old machine but we like to fix it. ==> the manuals I found on the internet do not describe the format of the keyboard we have, any idea?

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