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    First time ladder making. My goal was to get data from PMC to variable macro. SUCCESS!!
    However, my signal interferes with each other. I'm sure there are other better ways to do this, but please help me understand my current issue maybe.

    Here's my current lines, very simple:

    So, the data moves to macro variable just fine.
    Problem is I can't have them both active at the same time for some reason. It can be either / or.
    I assume now that the WINDW can't have 2 instances running at the same time.
    I'd like to have the signal 'finish' then scan to the next WINDW command but I can't figure out how.
    I keep reading about W=0 or 1 and the ACT=0 or 1 but I can't understand in the Fanuc 3 software how to make that happen.

    On a sidenote, my inputs are the actual sensors on my machine. The R address (outputs) though I just chose because it looked like the thing to do. I don't really need them. The WINDW is all I needed.
    I hope I'm missing something simple, I just can't wrap my melon around it.

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    It all depends how you want to write the data. Most of the time we just simply toggle this ACT on and off based on the Write complete bit R503.1 & R504.1 in your case. So once the R501.1 comes on, turn off the ACT bit. When you turn it back on it does another write. (One shot)There might be an easier way of doing what you are trying to accomplish. You could use your input and write to G54.0 in the ladder and the part program can read this as #1000. So If #1000 EQ 1 then your switch is on. If #1000 EQ 0 then your switch is off. G54.1 looks at #1001. You can email me the ladder with much details of what you want to do and I can suggest you the best way of doing it. Check your PM for my email address.

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