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    Fanuc syntax-error

    Hello, although there is no error on the code I wrote, it gives the error "2649 N 0 CALCULATION SYNTAX-ERROR" when we enter the machine. For 2 weeks we could not solve this error. Can someone help?
    Machine model : concept turn 250

    N5 G90 G71 G80 G40
    N10 T1010 M4 S2250
    N15 G0 X30 Z5
    N20 G73 U0,2 R0,3
    N25 G73 P30 Q180 U0,1 W0,1 F0,6
    N30 G1 X6,25 Z0
    N35 Z-6
    N40 X7,25
    N45 Z-6,8
    N50 G2 X7,45 Z-7 R0,2
    N55 G1 X7,75 Z-7
    N60 Z-7,4
    N65 G2 X7,95 Z-7,6 R0,2
    N70 G1 X8,25
    N75 Z-8,6
    N80 X8,30
    N85 G3 X8,20 Z-8,7 R-0,1
    N90 G1 Z-8,8
    N95 X8,35
    N100 Z-9,05
    N105 X8,25
    N110 X8,80 Z-26,3
    N115 G2 X8,9 Z-26,4 R0,1
    N120 G1 X9,25
    N125 Z-26,6
    N130 X9,30
    N135 G2 X9,15 Z-26,75 R-0,15
    N140 G1 X9,15 Z-27
    N145 X10,37 Z-41,67
    N150 G2 X10,57 Z-41,87 R0,2
    N155 G1 X11,37 Z-41,87
    N160 G3 X11,67 Z-42,17 R0,3
    N165 G1 X11,67 Z-43,62
    N170 X11,61
    N175 G2 X11,51 Z-44,12 R-0,5
    N180 G1 X12,32 Z-49,92
    N185 M4 S3000
    N190 G72 P30 Q180 F0,4
    N195 G28 U0
    N200 G28 W0
    N205 M5
    N210 M30

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    Re: Fanuc syntax-error

    Try adding "," 's to this line like this. ------>N15 G0 X30, Z5, and any other place you have a coordinate that is not "0" and has no trailing "0".
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