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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Plasma, EDM / Waterjet Machines > General EDM Discussion > Fanuc Tape Cut. Cutting at dry run speeds ?
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    Fanuc Tape Cut. Cutting at dry run speeds ?

    I was tasked to run an old type E wire eroder which I managed to do ok-ish.

    This sparked an idea and I set about trying to cut thin 0.004" stainless sheet as quick as possible. After tweaking the power settings I managed to cut in full rapid around 12 in/min.
    Unfortunately the max profiling feedrate of the machine control is around 0.150"/min

    Is there any way I could manipulate the dry run switch to still have the generator active (cut mode) and be able to cut at full rapid speed ?

    For those interested, we make a thin sheet component that is currently stamped out, we then one by one, manually load the parts into a precision locating fixture and spot weld two small pins to the part.
    As these profile shapes are constantly being changed it costs a lot to keep making press tools and also the manual welding operation is very tedious.

    I`d like to build a small cnc machine that would cut the profile from the sheet and a gripper would be used to automatically move the profile into a welding stage.
    I have thought of using a plasma cutter but am not sure if the lowest setting, around 10 amps would be to much for the thin sheet.

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    well you are not really EDMing when the machine is in dry run, you are probably(definately) making contact between the wire and the work. so you have turned the machine into an eletronic bandsaw.

    why don't you properly use the machine by stacking several inches tall of the thin sheet and edm them all at once, you should be able to burn about 750 of .004 material at once.

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    hi mdynac
    For small batch and prototype runs we do stack a couple of hundred sheets together and wire them out. These still need loading individually into the welding fixture. I am trying to automate the process.

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    Re: Fanuc Tape Cut. Cutting at dry run speeds ?

    Joey Hello.
    You managed to run Fanuc Tape Cut E
    I have such a machine can not find documents
    and most importantly introductory codes.
    I would be very grateful for help if
    there is a possibility .
    Please let me know Regards Oleg

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