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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > fanuc tape cut-mate parameter lost
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    fanuc tape cut-mate parameter lost

    I have a fanuc tape cut-mate with fanuc om control,this machine battery made a problem and all parameters lost and I don't have parameter backup or user manual so now the machine out of service.
    Please if Any body have the parameter or user manual send to me, or if I can use the other machine parameter please guide me.


    The machine detail:
    Fanuc tape cut-mate
    With fanuc om control
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails _DSC0283.jpg   _DSC0284.jpg   _DSC0288.jpg  

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    Email sent.
    CNC, Mechatronics Integration and Custom Machine Design

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    hi again.
    at first I am sorry abuot my delay in replay,I had to travel and I can't access the internet.

    Dear Al thank you very much for your email.but I am new in cnc field and I can't use the manual, the other problem that I missed 900 parameter too.if any body have a similar machine please send them to me or help me in other ways to solve the problem.

    also there are some parameter in contorol but there are till No 471 and there aren't any 900 parameter!!!what's this numbers?

    sorry for my poor english!

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    Fanuc tape cute mate cutting conditions chat

    We have parameters of this machine fanuc tape cut mate but we Want cutting condition chat we can help u email us vijay040engg@gmail.com we are from india Hyderabad u can contact me +919246532027
    Any one have cutting condition chat of fanuc tape cut mate please reply or help us
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    Re: fanuc tape cut-mate parameter lost

    Kind regards I also have a similar machine with the same problems and this alarm throws me on the screen ??? not ready
    and it doesn't move

    can someone support me please

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