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    Fanuc w-2 data scrambled

    Hello, I’ll try to explain this concisely. Our screen didn’t work, we tried swapping graphics card and monitor which didn’t fix it. Then we tried swapping the motherboard which also didn’t fix it. Later we realized the 5v power supply was just low enough to cause our problem. Replaced the power supply and the screen comes on but our parameters were lost. Now when I boot the data on screen is scrambled with random highlighted areas and question marks everywhere. I can’t even locate PWE. I have tried 0+delete, 1+delete, and 3+delete with no change.
    I do have a hard copy of the parameters.

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    Re: Fanuc w-2 data scrambled

    What is the control model? e.g. 15A, 15B, etc. How old is the control?

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