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    Fanuc Yellow Cap to Gecko 320X


    I am at a loss here as to what my problem is.

    I had my machine running fine up until a few days ago. I moved some of the components into a second cabinet due to noise issues through my USB.

    When I hooked everything back up, both axis started moving on their own and have remained uncontrollable. I confirmed my pinout. I have since unhooked the Z drive servo to try working one at a time. My status lights on the drive show green.

    Is anybody else running gecko drives to yellow cap servos? Odd thing is that I have another machine running the same setup and it is fine.

    I have about 7 hours into troubleshooting and feel like I'm worse off than when I started. Any experts that can weight in?


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    Re: Fanuc Yellow Cap to Gecko 320X

    Maybe you have the X & Y encoders or motor outputs crossed when you reconnected?
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Fanuc Yellow Cap to Gecko 320X

    I´m running three of these servos with geckos 320x , previously i have changed the original tachogenerators with amt102 encoders . They running well , of course accepting the limited final velocity because the 80 volt max of the geckos ( yellow caps works normally near the 150 volts range ) . Torque peak was also lowered for the 20 amp limit , but still sufficient . Zero problems in 2 years of use daily . Have you managed to solve the problem?

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