Hello Everyone, I am a PLC programer, differents brands, Siemens, Schneider, Izumi, etc etc.
I have a customer who is asking me to program his Mitsubishi FCA520ALR , i have never worked with this kind or PLC, so i am needing some guidance.
This controller is mounted on a ECOCA EL-4610 CNC machine
The Ecoca people have sent a file called EL46A6.LK4 , the machine has lost its program due to battery going dead.
I am suppoused to charge this file into the machine memory, but I do not know how to.
I think I need an Specific PC program to charge this file trough an Rs232 connector or something like that ...
Can anyone give me an step by step procedure please ? There is no ecoca or mitsubishi official help here in my country ...