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    FEA Waterjet and Manufacturing & CNC Machining


    Capabilities include- Waterjet cutting, Laser cutting, CNC machining, Press Brake, Welding, Fabrication, Production, Prototyping

    FEA Waterjet was founded in june of 2001. We are a family owned, and operated business. Since 2001 FEA has been providing the U.S. Government, architectural facilities, as well as major manufacturing plants with quality, on time orders. The reason we stand out, is because we take each job as if it is our first. No matter how big, or how small, we are willing to work with every customer on a per-project basis.
    We also excel in the manufacturing industry due to our vast experience, and our outstanding partners in the field. We have over 50 years in combined quality experience, CNC machining, ISO compliancy. Whether it be an art piece for your living room, or a trigger for a grenade launcher, our promise is to make sure all of our customers are satisfied.
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