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Thread: Feed Rate

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    Feb 2014

    Feed Rate

    Two weeks ago today, I came into work to find the electricity had gone off during the night.
    The heater I use special for the machine had gone off, and not reset itself, that was the clue.
    It was cold, and the machine does not like cold !
    It lost all the parameters in the Micon. I re-entered them,,, and have rechecked them dozens of times now.
    Everything works except the program feed rate for cutting.
    The machine only responses to the manual feedrate controls on the Main Control Panel.
    I have tried M48 and M48 using MDI,, no luck.
    Any Ideas?
    Kindest regards,

    Fanuc 15M
    HC400 machine

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    Re: Feed Rate

    Did you by chance also restore the PMC parameters?

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    Feb 2014

    Re: Feed Rate

    No, I do not know how to do them.

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    Re: Feed Rate

    Spindle command is G97 M3 S1000 and on the control its showing Ok for this ?
    Rapid is ok ?
    Dry run is not on ?

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    Feb 2014

    Re: Feed Rate

    I will try that in the morning.

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