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    Feedrate after cycle pause


    Something I'm noticing on Mach3...

    Sometimes when I pause a job mid cycle, then resume, the feedrate used is much slower than it was before (maybe about 30% speed at a guess). It generally sorts itself out after a few movements (perhaps the next time a feedrate is defined in the GCode). I generally use GCode output from Vetric's Cut2D application. Generally I try and pause on an upwards Z movement when the spindle is moving away from the workpiece.

    I'm thinking perhaps the next X and Y movements are using the feedrate of the Z axis (which is much slower) but can't see why this would be. Running a program end to end with no pauses everything runs as it should.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what could cause this? Is it a system setting somewhere in Mach3? I couldn't find anything...

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Feedrate after cycle pause

    Are you using a parallel port, or motion controller? IF your using a motion controller, it could be causing the issue.

    When you resume from a pause (feedhold), the feedrate will be the same. Just look at the feedrate DRO on the screen before and after a pause, it should be the same, unless there's a change in the g-code.

    Feedrates in g-code are modal, meaning they stay in effect until there's a new feedrate command.

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    Re: Feedrate after cycle pause

    Thanks, I'll try and get some actual figures from the onscreen DROs. I have a parallel controller (actually I use 2 parallel ports so i also have MPG, buttons etc)

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