i'm sure this has been asked numerous times here, i've been scouring the internet and read several threads here and various technical articles and tool manufacturer tables and data but i find lots of conflicting information about what would be the proper speed and feed for our tool/machine to have decent speeds and tool life/quality and i'm facing some challenges.

This is the hard data:
Tool is 10mm 2-flute compression clockwise rotation (i have from several manufacturers, coated, uncoated, etc), we'll be cutting mainly 18mm MDF/chipboard laminated on both sides in one pass, vacuum hold with spoilboard.
Cuts are done at the same spacing as the tool diameter
Cutting direction is CCW.
We want to cut at a speed no less than 15m/min

Machine software is... not good, the only tool entry method is a linear ramp and i can only configure the length and the descent speed of the tool itself.

Challenges and what i've found so far:

1) On several places i've seen mentioned that for MDF the chipload should be ~0.3 to 0.5, which nets a 15m/min and 15K rpm feedrate, but then reading more tool tables like onsrud's shows a range from 0.35 to 0.58(depending on the model) and says that for 2xD(near enough for 10mm bit on 18mm material) i should lower ~25%, which means the calculated feedrate would be between 8990mm/min(0.29 load post 20% reduction) to 14260mm/min (0.46 load) at 15500rpm.
Then i checked Amana tools and their tool data for vectric and it only shows a paltry 5m/min advance at 18k rpm

Curently i'm running at 15m/15.5K

The first bit we installed we ran at 18K RPM and 16m/min advance and it lasted for ~130 boards cut(4 days of work at the most), but it showed signs of significant heat damage with crusted carbonized deposits so i'm wary of running the new one at 18k rpm as well.

I also don't want to go much higher on the feed as it leads to small piece shift due to increased shear force and the level of vacuum the machine has, it's already happened several times.

2) i'm also encountering chipping at the entry point on both sides of the entry point, currently by default machine is set for a 70mm long ramp at the default plunge of 2000 mm/min, i've changed to 3000 and it made no noticeable difference.
I've been suggested to set the plunge to 2xD and the speed to equal the feedrate in facebook, is that correct?

any input is appreciated.