Fiber laser marking machine for marking processing tools
With the development of laser technology, the fiber laser marking machine is a very active laser marking device in the market. It can process many kinds of materials, especially the current high hardness, high melting point and brittle materials. More advantageous, although the laser output from the current fiber laser is also a laser in the 1064nm band, the fiber laser has more than 28% electro-optical conversion effect and can emit high-quality laser beam, so it is very suitable for the current precision machining and ultra-fine machining.
Due to the continuous development of technology, the processed products are becoming more and more sophisticated. It is
difficult to adapt to the current processing needs by using traditional technical means. In order to obtain better
processing results, especially in the current micro-machining field, it is often necessary to utilize the present Laser
technology for processing. Different from the traditional processing method, laser processing is a non-contact
processing process, and the laser can form a very small laser beam after focusing, which provides a prerequisite for the current laser application in the field of micro-machining. At the same time, the laser adopts the current computer software system in the whole process. With the current software system, we can process the processing according to the actual needs at regular intervals, which makes the laser play an important value in many processing fields.
Nowadays, the fiber laser marking machine is a high-tech integrating laser, computer, automatic control and precision
mechanical technology. The fiber laser inside adopts integrated design, which not only has convenient operation, small size, stable performance, high reliability and use. Long life, low maintenance costs, and high peak power and good beam quality. After focusing, the minimum spot diameter is 0.01mm, so the line is deep, smooth and fine, and has the advantage that other lasers are irreplaceable.