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    Fiber laser to CNC Router

    Hi every one...

    I have made many 3d printers and have finished my first CNC now but this project I have thrown myself over now is a bit in a different league.
    Everything I have built so far has been simple, Power supply, control card with built-in step drivers and step motors.

    My new project is a Fiber laser where the laser has fallen off and had to be "thrown out", I have therefore got the laser in the hope that I can use all the "motion" part on it for a CNC Router.
    It's super Beefy see pictures.
    My question is then ... Is it to turn it into a CNC Router?
    See evt. pictures for components, unfortunately have not just got a pictures of the Drivers.

    Hope there is someone who has some expertise in this as it would be a super machine for my students to play with before they possibly have to choose education.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 120229273_2162370887219974_8296809730743979380_n.jpg   120159240_750113409166253_3050018144065760363_n.jpg   120140242_655171408461235_3280122960939355841_n.jpg   120200339_1614882155357496_1240813294458066194_n.jpg  

    120105587_683940962213840_883094823404556894_n.jpg   120155599_2594538474141210_2650820852552794811_n.jpg   120220255_329830828119415_311119169685562325_n.jpg   120217064_3977992212215170_6267788887767903971_n.jpg  

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