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    Finally...Vertical Al T-Slot build

    Hi All, long time lurker, first time poster????

    I was originally inspired by this guys work - CNC router 'Otocoup' and have always wanted to try something like it.
    After a long time procrastinating, I bit the bullet, and started by purchasing a pre-built Z-axis off e-bay (7 years ago, lol) and carriages from Avid.
    The design is:
    1. Primarily for Non-metals – the sort of tasks I have in mind didn’t require high accuracy and were larger, often repetitive (plywood, MDF, PU Foam)
    2. Not for metals – these sort of jobs require higher accuracy and are typically small and therefore more easily/cheaply outsourced
    3. Mostly for 2D or 2.5D work, so a large Z travel is not required (but nice to have some.)
    4. Must do a full 2400*1200mm sheet (I can do small jobs already – a small machine doesn’t gain me anything)
    5. Toothed belt drive. As a result of the size it was the best option financially. I did look at gear tracks first but the cost of shipping to NZ killed it.
    6. I have a small garage so the only real way to achieve tis is with a vertical machine

    I designed two versions of tables in SolidWorks using 100mm square steel box section and another using 80/20 aluminum extrusion but choked on the cost of it! .
    Following an improvement in our financial position I went with AL extrusion from Autoline NZ ( a very helpful bunch) and upped it to Nema 34’s to keep all the components operating in the low-to-middle range of their curves.
    I redesigned it in Onshape and splashed out on motors, drives, spindles about 18months ago and its taking shape well. Its 3000x1700mm overall which fives me roughly 2700x1300mm working area, and I have 100mm(ish) on the Z.

    I went with Mach4 and an all-in-one WiXCH controller only to find it doesn’t work properly (should have checked here first) so have an ethernet smooth stepper and HGH08 breakout board under construction. I did eventually manage to get the WiXCH working and have been able to test the motors/motion etc on all the axis.
    People have asked what am I going to use it for? 7 years ago I would have said boat patterns, bucks, moulds & furniture.... but to be honest its been more the fun of building it an learning a bunch of stuff along the way.

    I’ve really appreciated these forums over the years and thought I should post some pics, videos and details (once I work out how) to help give back this community .



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    Re: Finally...Vertical Al T-Slot build

    First motion test:

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    Re: Finally...Vertical Al T-Slot build

    Quote Originally Posted by 76special View Post
    First motion test:
    I like that setup. Work holding might be frustrating sometimes but, the use of space is great.

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