Hi Guys, I have few unused SPARES for A320D-EX21 CNC Wire EDM
Listed below, if any body is interested you can contact us on saineelenterprises@gmail.com
1.SYSTEM DISC SET for mark20-21-22 Ver 3.0 with Set of EPROMs
2.PCB - BBD-01 Ver 4. (For UPS)
3.PCB - BBD 02 (For UPS)
4.Flash Disk Drive - 1 Used & 1 New.
5.Power PCB SW803-B Ver 4. (Power Circuit)
7.PCB - DIF-04 Ver 06 (New) For Axex Control
8.PCB - DIF-04 Ver 3.2 (Used) For Axex Control
9. Mechanical Seals for SPK 4/8 Filter Pump.
10.Mechanical Seal for CRK (Flushing Pump)
11. Wire Break Switch.
12.Limit Switches for axis.
13.Precision Level required for periodic checks.